About us

Welcome to clay:Makers

Welcome to our two ceramic studios: clay:Makers Almost Royal Location and clay:Makers 2900 Hellerup

Almost Royal Location:

Nestled in the heart of Copenhagen inner town, and next to the homes of the Danish Royal family, we offer a friendly and fully equipped ceramics studio. Here, creativity knows no bounds, and the atmosphere is one of warmth and camaraderie. As a member, you have access to everything you need for your ceramic endeavors — from clay to tools — and we take care of the technical intricacies, ensuring your focus remains on the joy of creating.

Workshop Style
clay:Makers studios are DIY studios, open 24/7 for Claymakers. We provide an environment where you can explore your creativity at your own pace, without structured workshops. Our focus is on fostering a space where artistic expression can flourish independently.

Community and Events

Our community thrives on the interests and initiatives of our members. While we don't offer formal workshops, we do host joint events like Christmas and Easter markets based on the interests of our members. If someone has a passion or an idea, we embrace it and make it happen together.

clay:Makers 2900 Hellerup:

Exciting news! Our second studio, clay:Makers 2900 Hellerup, is on the horizon. Grand opening will be in December 2023. Expect the same friendly atmosphere and 24/7 accessibility, but now in a larger space next to the Hellerup train station. We're looking forward to bringing the Almost Royal experience to a new location.

Membership to clay:Makers

Becoming a member is a simple process. Share a bit about yourself with us, either by direct contact or through our "Interesseliste" form (in Danish), and let's explore if our studio is the right fit for your creative journey.

Price? 1750.- (incl. tax) per month. 



Compound loanword (for Danes), English

CLAY//clay; MAKER//a person who makes something

Claymaker (singular) a person who works with clay.

Claymakers (plural) a group of people who share the commonality of working with clay.